Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 4 cm approx

This piece was made specifically for the Wighton Cycle 23 exhibition held at Wighton Church, Norfolk, July 2023. In this body of work I have researched agricultural tools and machinery that are either very seldomly used or redundant. Using the seasons as an underlying structure, I have ascertained some of the most important work done at this time of the year and the tools and machinery used. The four Trace pieces depict tools now almost redundant in the UK. Each tool is pressed into wet concrete leaving its mark but with each progression the shapes become more abstract and the scale distorts the forms into mere decorative shapes devoid of all meaning and purpose. By showing the imprint of the original tool, there is the notion that the tools are now missing and lost.In Spring Trace I have used the tip of a sickle to form a circle rather than the whole tool reminiscent of corn dollies, straw craft and loaves of bread. Before pesticides, sickles and scythes were used to cut weeds down as the crops were growing.

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